Back to School Information

Needed Supplies

Students will receive class-specific supply lists from their teachers on the first day of class when class disclosures are distributed. The following items should be brought on the first day of school:

- Face covering (Dollar Dress Day standards apply)
- Backpack (lockers will not be assigned)
- Notebook
- Pencil

Kickoff Presentation

This is the video that was shown at the Jr. High Kickoff on August 3 & 4.

Common Questions

What are the requirements for face coverings?
As of now, our guidance is that face coverings include masks, shields, gators, and other coverings that cover both the mouth and nose. Any of these are satisfactory for most classrooms and environments at school. Face masks will be required in classes that require physical exertion including PE, Instrumental Music, Choral Music, Dance, Theater, and Cheer.

Do face coverings need to follow uniform guidelines?
Not strictly. They come under the rules for Dollar Dress Day. There are no color or design requirements;  logos, writing, or any other designs must be school appropriate.

What is Back to School Night going to be like?
This year, Back to School Night will be Friday, August 14th. It will be provided in a virtual format that could include video, Zoom, or other online method. The school will not be open to families.

When can I get my student's schedule?
Schedules will be finished Thursday, August 13th at 4:00 pm. You can go on to Aspire and check their schedule at that time.

When can we get supply lists?
In the Junior High School, supply lists are included in the teachers' disclosures. These will be given to students the first day of class.

If I have a 7th grader or a student new to the school, how will they know where everything is?
We will give students and parents two opportunities to see the school. First, we will be posting a virtual tour on our website for students and parents to view, and we will be scheduling self-guided tours on Friday, August 14th and Monday, August 17th. You will receive notification on how to schedule a time for a self-guided tour.

What is going to happen with classes like PE, Instrumental Music, Choral Music, Dance, Theater, and Cheer?
We are planning on offering all of our activity-based classes with additional precautions. Staff has worked on specific changes to each type of class in the areas of curriculum, procedures and protocols, environment, and performance standards to ensure for the safest possible classes. The specific plan will be published to the website by Friday, August 14th.

How are computers going to be handled for in-person and distance learning?
Students who have chosen Distance Learning will be encouraged to use their personal computer at their home. For those students who need to borrow a school laptop, they will be available to check-out from the school starting Monday, August 17th. Students who will be participating in in-Person instruction will have a Chromebook checked-out to them that will be used both at school and at home similar to checking out textbooks. Power cords will be provided in all cases.