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The purpose of the Syracuse Arts Academy Cheer Team is to promote school spirit and support our athletic teams. We accomplish these things by organizing and carrying out spirit week activities for the student body, holding pep rallies and attending sporting events. We show respect to the teachers and staff of SAA, our fellow Dragons, our teammates and ourselves. We strive to always be an example of excellence in our community. The following information will answer any questions you have about the SAA Cheer Team.



Syracuse Arts Academy cheerleading/mascot is a yearlong commitment; this means you cannot miss practices, assemblies, games, camp, parades, or any other scheduled cheer events. It also requires volunteer time from parents. We do not have a budget for buses to and from events, so we depend on our parents.


All team members must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and have no F’s or U’s at mid-term and end of term grade checks and no office referrals.


All team members must be on time to practices, games, assemblies, school activities, and dressed in the required uniforms.



  • You must be registered to attend Syracuse Arts Academy as a 7th, 8th or 9th grader for the 2020-21 academic year. 

  • Candidates must have and maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA (B) grade point average for the two previous school years during their time on the squad. This becomes effective immediately.

  •  All candidates must attach a current copy of their most recent report card and a term 3 progress report (print a copy of the term 3 grades on Aspire). These are due, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

  • Candidates may not have any F’s or U’s on their report card for the entire school year leading up to try-outs.

  • Candidates must complete all clinics, and have written permission prior to tryouts or have an equivalent plan approved by the advisor.

  • A teacher recommendation survey must be completed by your current Math, English, Science, History (Utah Studies or US History) teachers and one teacher of your choice, by Friday, March 20, 2020. Incoming 7th graders must receive recommendations from their four (4) core teachers and a specialist of their choice.

  • Each candidate must have a signed try-out application. This is due Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

  •  Each Candidate must attend all classes on the day of try-outs and must have a signature from each teacher the day of tryouts stating they were in class the full class period.

  • If any required information is missing at the time of judging, the candidate will not be allowed to tryout.



  • Clothing for try-outs will be black gym or cheer shorts, please wear spanx under your shorts.

  • A white t-shirt. No logos. No spaghetti straps.

  • Tennis shoes.

  •  Hair should be pulled back off the face and in a ponytail.

  • No Jewelry

  • No fingernails



  • Tryouts will be closed. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  • Individuals who will be in the room during try-outs will be coaches, judges, administrator, and outgoing 9th grade cheerleaders (cheerleaders will be asked to leave the room when discussions about scores are taking place).

  • Team members will be chosen from candidates who will be in 7th, 8th or 9th grade during the 2020 - 2021 school year. The number chosen will be determined by the natural break in scores. Squads may be divided into smaller groups if it is deemed necessary by advisors and judges. Squad members will be chosen by judges and coaches based upon the scores received at try-outs, grades, teacher recommendations and an administration recommendation.

  • Call backs will be done if deemed necessary by the coaches/judges.

  • The squad will be announced on Friday, March 27, 2020 after school by posting the new team members on the “Cheerleading/Mascot” page at You can find this page by going to; select the Jr. High; go to “For Students”, then “Athletics”, then “Cheerleading/Mascot”.



  •  A  long cheer, sideline cheers, and a dance, that will all be taught during the clinics

  • Tumbling, kicks, and jumps

  • Basic stunts

  • Performance and spirit

  • Teacher evaluations

  •  Administration recommendation

  • Minimum Grades

  •  All required paperwork – specified on the first page of this document



  •  You will be given a packet with several forms at our team meeting on Thursday, April 9 at 6:00 PM room 201. 

  • We will begin fundraisers in April 2020.

  • We will do fundraisers through-out the Spring/Summer.

  • Cheer fees will be approximately $900-$1000 and will be paid in payments over the summer.

  •  Your first deposit of $300 will be due Monday, April 6, 2020 to ensure we have camp and camp wear paid for and uniforms ordered.

  • 2nd $300 payment due May 4,  2020.

  • 3rd $300 payment due June 15  2020.

  • Final balance payment due August 6, 2020.

All fees will need to be fundraised or paid in full by Jr. High registration day. If there is a balance beyond this date your student will not be allowed to participate in events until they are paid.


Fees this year will include the following:

  • Cheer uniform

  • New Shoes

  • Camp fees

  • Camp wear

  • Warm-ups 

  • School participation fee

  • Team bag 

  • Hair bows

  • Poms



  • You must attend all summer scheduled practices.  You will be given a schedule for at least one month at a time. Summer practices will be held June 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, & 25, time TBD. Because we are cutting back to two weeks of practice, we will not excuse any absences.  Practices will resume August 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, & 13 2020, time TBD . You cannot miss any August practices.

  • You must attend all home sports events.

  • Practice/Games/Class will begin on time, if you are not there on time you will be considered late. Tardiness is not acceptable. 4 tardies will result in probation.

  • The advisors/coaches have the right to adjust practices and the schedule as needed. The advisors/coaches will give as much notice as possible for changes in the schedule.

  • Unexcused absences and truancies in other classes are not acceptable.

  •  If you miss school the day of an event, you are ineligible to participate in that event.

  •  If absences and truancies in other classes become an issue, you may be put on probation, or removed from the spirit squad.  If you are identified as habitually truant as defined by the school you will be removed from the squad.

  • If you miss a practice the week leading up to an event you will not participate in the event.



  • Stunts and tumbling may only be practiced/performed when the advisor or coach is present.

  • Talking to friends, family, etc. is not allowed while a game is going on. Team members are expected to remain in lines and be paying attention to the game. PARENTS—please be respectful of this rule.

  • NO cell phones are allowed during practice, games, fundraisers, performances, etc. If phones are seen they will be taken away and given to the squad member at the end of the practice or event.

  • Squad members must attend all practices unless excused by the advisor prior to the practice.

  • Squad members must attend all required games and events, unless they are ill or there is a family crisis. Notification is essential.

  • If a squad member is injured or ill, they must have a doctor’s note excusing him/her from practice or game. She/he must have another doctor’s note allowing him/her to participate again. Without such a note, he/she will not participate.

  •  When a squad member is unable to cheer because of a doctor’s excuse they are expected to wear game uniform and be at the game watching with the coach/advisor unless excused by the coach/advisor. They are also expected to be on time and stay throughout the entire class/practice/game.

  • Members must attend all of their classes on the day of a game unless there is an emergency and it must be cleared in advance with the coach/advisor in order to cheer that evening. If you are too sick to be at school, you are too sick to cheer.

  • Squad members are expected to dress in appropriate attire for all games and practices (cheer uniforms, practice uniforms, tennis shoes, hair back, and no jewelry). NO revealing clothing items will be allowed. No bra straps may be showing at any time. Please wear spanx under your cheer shorts at all times.

  • Realize that part of your summer will be devoted to summer camps and practice. You are expected to be at practice every day and to attend camp and/or any other meetings called in advance. Summer practices are an essential part and required to be an SAA cheerleader. You must make the summer practice schedule as a priority, if this is not something you can commit too, please do not tryout for the team.

  • Squad members will attend home and some away volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer and baseball games.

  • Parents will be asked to help drive cheerleaders to away events.

  • Team members are required to stay to the end of all activities and events. Do not ask to take your cheerleader early. If this is not something you can commit to, please do not tryout.



The team will have monthly/quarterly activities, outside of school. Team members and their parents may be asked to host these activities. These are in place to promote team building and team spirit.




·         All team members will attend a camp. Camp will be June 15-17, 2020 and will take place at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center. Leadership training with our SGO’s will be June 22 & 23. More information to follow. 

·         Summer practice

·         Summer practices will be held June 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, & 25, time TBD. Because we are cutting back to two weeks of practice, we will not excuse any absences.  Practices will resume August 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, & 13 2020, time TBD 

  • Syracuse Heritage Days Parade - Saturday, June 27, 2020; time and place TBA

Syracuse Arts Academy Cheer Team Code of Conduct

Each team member is a representative of Syracuse Arts Academy. As a representative, your actions in school and out, in uniform and out reflect upon Syracuse Arts Academy. You are expected to conduct yourself at all times in accordance with the policies of the school, which can be found in the student handbook.




POLICY: There are several different circumstances that will put a team member on probation including grades, attendance, behavior, and dress code violations. Probation is the removal from all cheerleading activities.

A.      GRADES

  • Grades will be checked at mid-term and end of term report cards. If a team member has an F or a U in any class at mid-term check they will not be allowed to participate in cheer activities until the grade has been fixed.

  •  When a squad member’s grades fall below a 3.0  on a term report card, the following procedure will apply:

    • First offense-The student will be suspended from all team activities. They will not be permitted to cheer at games, participate in assemblies, or any other cheer activities. They are not allowed to wear their formal uniform, or warm-ups.

      • Probation will begin as soon as the official grades are posted each term.

      • The team member will remain on probation for approximately nine weeks (depending on the particular quarter)—and will not come off of probation until grades have been finalized and posted.

  • Second offense (within the same school year) grades fall below a 3.0, the team member will be removed from the squad.

  • If a team member receives an F or U on their official report card at any time during the year, they will be removed from the team.   

  •  If a team member is given a U any time during the term for behavior or other issues that will result in a term grade of a U, they will be removed from the team.

  •  If a team member is removed from a squad one year, they will not be allowed to tryout the following year.



  • If a cheerleader is referred to the office three times in a term for a uniform violation, they will be placed on probation for the remainder of the term.

  •  If it happens again the following term, they will be removed from the team.





  •  If within the course of the year there are problems that arise with a team member, the advisors along with administration will decide if probation or dismissal from the cheer team will be warranted. The following are examples of behavior that may lead to advisor discretion:

    • Lying, attitudes, backbiting, smoking, drinking, doing illegal drugs, posting/sending inappropriate pictures or posting of any inappropriate materials of oneself or other people (examples include: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, texting, etc.), using profanity, being dishonest, stealing, cheating, engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior, developing an eating disorder, not following through on assignments, continual tardiness, disrespect for teachers, administration or other school employees , inappropriate behavior, BULLYING, etc.

    •  Advisor discretion is not limited to these examples.

  • Each case will be viewed on an individual basis and in some cases automatic removal of the squad will occur with no probation period. If a team member is removed from the Syracuse Arts Academy squad for any reason, he/she will not be allowed to tryout again. Please remember that drinking, smoking, or the use of illegal substances is against the law and against school policy and will result in automatic probation and/or dismissal from the squad.

  • The final decision will be made by a school administrator.


10.  Demerits/Grades

  • We will work on a demerit system for the summer practices. The demerits will be as follows:Tardy: – 5 points for excused, up to 15 minutes late -10 points, over 15 minutes –25 points.

  • Improper dress: practice or spirit days -15 points, uniform -25 points.

  •  Absent from practice: previously excused -15 points, not previously excused - 25 points.

  • Absent from performance: previously excused -15 points, not previously excused – dismissal from team.

  •  Missing deadline: money, assignments, and etc. - 10 points per day.

  • You will only be allowed one missed practice for the summer months. Use them wisely.


Grades during the school year will be as follows:

  •  You will be given 10 points per practice/class for participation.

  • You will lose 5 points for improper dress.

  • You will lose 5 points for non-participation.

  • You can make up an excused absence from a practice/class by participating in a one hour conditioning class, i.e. any group fitness class, online fitness workout, or fitness video. You may also choose to spend 30 minutes doing an aerobic activity i.e. running, biking, or swimming.

  • You will be given 20 points per performance.

  •   If you chose to skip a performance, without making prior arrangements with the coaching staff, you will be removed from the team.

  • Points will also be given for assignments, such as turning in report cards, fitness worksheets, team building activities, etc.

  • If you are on probation for any reason you will be required to attend practices. However, you will not be allowed to participate in activities or games.



a.      Each team member is required to keep his/her own uniform clean, pressed, and repaired.

b.      Academics come first, cheer team comes second. All other priorities in any other organization or activities must be last: i.e. work, gymnastics, dance, dating, and sports.

c.       Team members are permitted to have jobs, if they desire. However, should a conflict arise between the two, cheer team comes first. A job is not an excuse to miss a game or practice. Practices are held after school or at night and on occasion before school.

d.      If the coach/advisor chooses to compete, each team member will either be a member of, or an alternate, on the competition squad. The division of competition is decided by the coaches/advisors. The strongest group of students will compete and other team members will be selected as alternates (for the competition squad ONLY/not as a team member within the school). Choosing alternates is strictly the decision of the advisor. Spots are ALWAYS earned and can be lost at any time.

e.      All team members will be required to obtain a physical prior to camp.

f.        Team members are expected to be in outstanding physical condition throughout the entire summer and school year. 

g.      All cheerleading practices will be closed. If you wish to help with practices for volunteer hours please contact the coach/advisor.

h.      Parents will be asked to help with things. Please let an advisor know if you are interested in helping with things as they come up. Also, please note that the advisors will often coordinate things with the head cheerleader[s] mom[s] and things that need to get done will be distributed to parents.

i.        “Drama” (Drama – backbiting, bullying, inappropriate social behaviors, etc.) will not be tolerated by team members or parents. Drama from you or your parents can lead to dismissal from the squad.

j.        All accounts must be paid on or before assigned due dates. Fundraising will be done to help with the costs involved with the cheer team. Money from fundraisers will be applied to individual accounts or the general cheer team account. Depending on what the payment is for (uniforms, camp gear, choreography, camps, competitions, etc.) the team member will not receive those items OR be allowed to participate until payment is made. If there is a conflict with making a payment, please inform the coaches/advisors and we will work with you. If payments are not made by the due date, team members will not be allowed to participate. If payments are still not made in a timely manner, the team member will not be allowed to try-out for the following year. In addition, a school fine for the payment amount will be issued to the account which will prevent them from getting yearbooks. Again, if there is a conflict with payment, it is your responsibility to communicate with the coaches/advisors.

k.  Let the coaches’ coach, let the cheerleaders cheer, and let the parents’ parent. Everyone needs to be respectful of their role, and respectful towards each other.



Being on the Spirit Squad at Syracuse Arts Academy is a privilege. “Attitude is everything, pick a good one.” Having a good positive attitude is necessary in creating a unified squad. Cheerleading is a big responsibility, be prepared to have a good attitude and to put in a lot of hard work and dedication.




SAA Cheer Team Candidate:


I understand that cheerleading is an athletic sport that requires skill and practice. I understand that I must attend all practices, performances, activities, and games in order to remain an active member of the Syracuse Arts Academy Cheer Team. 


I also understand that I am a representative of the school and will conduct myself in a mature and responsible manner at all times. I will also maintain a 3.0 GPA; have no F’s and satisfactory citizenship. I understand that grades will be checked at mid-term and term end. If a team member has an F, or a U in any class at mid-term they will not be allowed to participate in cheer activities until the grade has been fixed.


Signature ________________________________________­­_____ Date _________________



Parents and SAA Cheer Team Candidate:


I/We understand by the very nature of the activity, cheerleading and gymnastics/tumbling carry a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the participant and coaches are, how many spotters are used, or what landing surface is used, the risk cannot be eliminated. The risk of injury includes minor injuries such as muscle pulls, dislocation, and broken bones. The risk also includes catastrophic injuries such as permanent paralysis or even death from landing or falls on the back, neck, or head. I/We understand these risks and will not hold Syracuse Arts Academy or any of its personnel responsible in the case of accident or injury at any time.  


Parent Signature _______________________________________ Date _________________

Student Signature _________________________________________ Date _____________________